Starting the week with HeadShakes

We have seen many viral videos around social media platforms. They usually get to us through friends or family members that find it funny, interesting then share it with others. However an interesting fact is that many “viral” videos were initially not intended to be...

Who Is Dumb?

Dumb Starbucks, a privately owned parody of “Starbucks”, must be really brave and ready for the consequences of messing with Starbucks—or maybe Starbucks are playing some sort of publicity stunt. Anyhow, a coffee shop in Los Angeles, California has mimicked the look and the way good Ol’ Starbucks operates.

Iphone’s unique Strategy

Iphone pulls off yet another strategic move by putting out two phones at once. A move that Blackberry had efficiently pulled off this year with its new z10 and q10.

The Rise of Wireless Money

Thanks to the digital revolution, how money changes hands has been changing. Read more to see how far we’ve come, and how wireless technology will change how we will pay at the checkout in the near future.

When Is it Ok To Be A Copycat?

Marketing strategies are always influenced by other strategies. No harm in that right? But what happens when the exact same strategy is used? Is it considered plagiarism? Is it morally right? Is it okay to be a copycat?

LG HDTV does it again!

LG does it again with its new creative Ad prank! This time, its not situated in an elevator, rather in a office setting while job applicants have their interviews conducted.

The Future Of Cars?

For years they have been trying to build an automobile that would protect the environment and still be a great looking machine. One company looks like they’re on the rise.

Where do we draw the line on Alcohol Ads?

In a recent article from The Globe and Mail, studies show an increase in underage drinking. There is a correlation between alcohol advertising and underage drinking which results in questioning the regulations imposed on alcohol advertising.

Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of every company. Without the satisfaction of a customer, no business goals would be reached. But what does it take to achieve customer satisfaction?

Web 3.0 Semantics

What is semantic technology, and how semantic technology is affecting the way people find both goods and services.

Bernas’ Emotional Video

A Malaysian rice company (Bernas) uses a dramatic and an emotional video to promote their product. The company focuses on family values and promotes the traditional Chinese dinner with the family.


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