AppInEvent is a dynamic planning App designed to keep your attendees in tune and up-to-date with your Conference, Concert or Exhibition

CONFERENCE: When attending conferences, attendees often want to know exactly who’s speaking—at what exact time, biographies, and any other valuable information related to the conference. AppInEvent for Conferences is a dynamic conference planning App with many functions ranging from directions to the event, twitter and RSS feeds, as well as bios for speakers and any additional information about your event.


CONCERT: Ever been to a concert where multiple artists were performing any sort of broadcast was limited to word of mouth or a single flyer? No specific times given, no specific songs mentioned, no breaks mentioned, and etc. If you are a Concert Organizer, Mao|Marketing has the solution to these challenges with its AppInEvent for Concerts. We will design a comprehensive App that will not leave any vital information lost between organizers and attendees. Attendees will be able to download the app and really know what to expect from a concert they will be investing their money into.

EXHIBITION: Exhibitions and Expos are becoming more and more common now with the ever-increasing number of businesses and organizations in the world market today. And so, often times we find ourselves in one of these massive settings with a brochure in our hand and completely lost. AppInEvent for Exhibitions is a very useful app designed to give its users a very comfortable, planned and awesome experience at their next grand expo or exhibition. Users will be able to find their way around the exhibition with a site map. They will also be able to read about particular booths before they visit it, as well as any updates or drastic changes on the day of. AppInEvent for Exhibitions can only make the experience of a user easier and more convenient!


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