Higher-level Thinking begins with 3 elements:

Is your brand Identifiable ?


What is your brand's Persona ?


What kind of Relationship do you have with your customers ?

Is your business really getting noticed?
Does it actually get the recognition it deserves? Ever heard one of your customers use the name of your business in a sentence like “I’ll FedEx it over to you”, “did you Google that?” or “could you pass me a Kleenex?”.

Like anything that’s worthwhile, much time and planning is needed to start the change you need. If you’re ready to step up to the plate, then you need to start thinking at a higher level.

3 Short lessons in branding!

Ever wonder what happened to Coke that took it from a small business to the multi-billion dollar company it is today?lessons on branding - COKE example

Could it have something to do with the image Coke has so famously made Identifiable with their brand? Coke’s imagecannot be mistaken. Even if you’re somewhere in Asia, that branding is going to stand out to you in the refrigerator filled with all it’s competitor’s products. It’s those classic white letters on that now famous red setting that will make you have comfort in knowing “this drink is the soda pop I am familiar with” and you’ll know it’s going to have that exact same taste as it did back home.

The picture on the right is a perfect case of this, I’m willing to bet that with only 25% of the logo showing – you knew right away what you were looking at.

What helped Nike go from a new name in the sporting-equipment market to employing more than 44,000 people worldwide?

Nike knows how to connect with their target audianceCould it be the way Nike was able to really connect and relate to their target market? When we see that “swoosh”, hear “Just do it” or see the Nike name in thatidentifiable typeface that’s been stored in our subconscious, we instantly – without realizing it – have this image of who Nike is.

In the same way that we hear a mutual friend’s name brought up in a conversation and instantly know that persons values, qualities and personality – we know Nike’s. Nike has properly aligned its image, values and messages to consumers of sporting goods. They’ve become masters of story-telling and getting their audiences to feel both emotion and engage/partake in their movements.

The personality and image Nike has achieved is cool, strong, empowering and healthy.

Consumers out there who already align with this image – or wish to share the same qualities – willingly stand beside this brand and support it. Loyal consumers feel Nike really represents where they stand in society and take pride in using Nike products.

I could show you over 1000 examples of this. Or we could watch this video that was aimed to stimulate interest in running among the youth in Brazilian cities. I think it takes the cake!

What would Steve Jobs Do? (WWSJD)

Apple has gone from a company in decline to towering over even their once biggest competitor in the stock markets.

Just Apple iPhone alone is worth more than all of Microsoft

To do this, Apple had to gain an edge over its completion and their brand would have to convey that edge to its followers.

For decades now, Microsoft’s image has be tainted with a feeling of instability and complication. Apple had the vision to create a “peoples computer”, one that was intuitive and user friendly. A computer that anyone could use and it wouldn’t leave the user feeling frustration. Apple’s brand really started to take off when its satisfied – and now loyal customers – raved to their friends, families and colleagues about how great this new product was. How innovative the company is, and how the company’s offering had unmatched customer service and support to the industry. People started to Trust Apple so much that they became Brand Ambassadors for Apple, basically became sales representatives Apple didn’t even have to pay a dime to. Think about it, even in Apple’s “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ad campaign, they make use of white negative space to subtly convey simplicity (user-friendly) and cleanliness (design).

You’re in a better position now than you were!
On the stop here because no matter the size or state of your business, it is easy to imagine how you can play these elements to your advantage.
The rise of social media has evolved the Internet into a new beast. It is now more important than ever to establish a proper branding guide for your business. If you are going to take full advantage of this evolution, your brand needs to get involved and partake in its market’s community. Not only to keep-up with competition but to stay Top-of-Mind.

The Voice, Image and Tone of your brand need to be consistent in all of your communications. Consumers today demand Transparency, Accountability and Authenticity. Brands that can build a relationship with their audience – and are distinguished by these traits – will be the brands that succeed in moving forward, based on their ability to inspire their consumers to amplify their message.

You are now armed with an understanding of some very important elements of branding, and it is time to put this knowledge to use. It’s just a matter of asking yourself enough of the right questions, and if you ever need a hand or second opinion – we’re only a few clicks away.

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