Simply said, with the rise in information technology the consumer audience have evolved into quite a lazy bunch!


Digital is constantly changing landscape, which extends from websites to apps and everything …


Ever heard one of your customers use the name of your business in a sentence like “I’ll FedEx it over to you”


The amount of time you have to capture your customer’s attention before your ad goes straight to the trash…
INNOVATION  made  possible
Would you like your Idea Implemented and Measured?
We combine marketing and IT expertise to provide businesses with a cutting edge solutions.
Pave a unique direction for your company in order to increase your sales and brand growth, resulting in a higher market penetration. No strategy can be made without considering that of your competitors. With this in mind, we will help identify the tools your company can effectively use to dominate competition. Your strategy is your foundation; we will help you make it unbreakable.
Featuring the Stories of East Africa (Demoreel)

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We continue to discover innovative methods for your business to be heard and seen. Being tuned into emerging trends helps us apply our expertise in the most effective way when tackling projects. Our team consists of unique and talented individuals, who strive to serve our client’s needs in the best way possible. Learn more

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For the next generation of big businesses,

We transform your innovative design layout into a tangible and refined project concept. Whether it is a user-friendly database, or a fully-engaging corporate video, our professionals will prepare all the necessary materials to execute quality service in an impressive way.

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Our team at Mao|Marketing has tirelessly spent hundreds of hours in the production of our latest documentary SILSILAD


There is no better way than visual when targeting larger demographics. Therefore fulfilling the needs of the client, infographic animation is the best route!


A dedicated organization, committed in rebuilding the lost Agricultural infrustracture in the Horn of Africa. Our agency has provided a full marketing services, from print to digital, branding to video production.

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