Print: the 2 second Rule

If you don’t want to waste money, do’t make junk!
You have been there,   We all have.

Part of you

feels horrible about throwing out so much paper – like you’re killing a tree at least once a month.

Two Seconds

The amount of time you have to capture your customer’s attention before your ad goes straight to trash.

This is what we like to call the ‘make it or break it’ point.
If your advertising lacks the visuals and key messages to capture the attention of your customer in the first two seconds they see it, then you’re thrown straight to the curb!
This is what makes print advertising unique, in that the first impression is a long lasting one.
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Is print advertising still Alive ?

Print is an excellent means to connect customers with other advertising mediums, such as websites, to convey your final message or lead your prospect deeper into a marketing funnel. Now QR codes on your print ads can quickly and easily connect your customer to your website, a landing page or even play a video. Adding great deals on your print ads, such as discounted prices and coupons is a great way to drive more in-store-traffic as well.

Where does Mao|Marketing come in?


Mao Marketing can help you improve your current print campaigns, or create new print advertisements that engage your customer to the point where interest is triggered. We help YOU capture the attention of your target consumer through visuals and catch phrases that will bring your business more traffic.

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