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We combine marketing and IT expertise to provide businesses with a cutting-edge solution to their advertising challenges.


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Our team at Mao|Marketing has tirelessly spent hundreds of hours in the production of our latest documentary SILSILAD. This documentary is a unique and has delivered its message in a non traditional methods, yet continuously entertaining the viewer from the beginning to the end. Words can’t do justice. Must watch!






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Web Design

We have created a new dynamic website for the client, maintaining the brand consistency, feel and touch.

Web Design

A tremendous organization, making a real difference in the  world of agricuture. We have had the pleasure to re-brand and re-design their company.

Web Design

Tia and our team share the world or art. This artist is one of the top influencers on social media and is always pleasure working with her, whether it is video, graphics or webdesign.

Web Development

A hub for sustainablitiy professionals for dialogue and problem solving. We had the pleasure to custom develop their website to meet their mission and vision.

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Web Development

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