With the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple introduced their Touch ID sensor that is baked into the phone’s home button. This Fall, Apple will be making their user identification feature available to all 3rd party software developers. (Currently, only software produced by Apple is able to use the sensor)

At first, we may see online shopping destinations such as Amazon or eBay taking advantage, by incorporating Touch ID into their apps. This will allow the user to verify their identity by simply touching the iPhone’s home button, instead of entering a password. This makes online shopping much more convenient, since the user doesn’t have to bother with passwords to make a purchase.

Eventually, the iPhone may be able to wirelessly connect to any cash register. This will allow customers to make purchases without even opening their wallets. Again, using the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to verify their identity at the checkout. Unlike bank cards that have a PIN that thieves can spy on, Touch ID is useless without the account holders finger.

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