First, What is Web 3.0?

There are two aspects of Web 3.0, the first is known as Semantic Search, where the other is more of an Internet of things.

Semantic search is outside of the scope of this article, but if you are curious, the below video provides a good understanding of Google’s version of the technology:

As for the Internet of things, it refers to everyday items that are getting connected to the Internet. Smartphones are an obvious example of this trend, but now even items such as thermostats, desktop radios and televisions are getting connected. Eventually, the Internet will be flowing through as many items as electricity does today.

Are marketers taking advantage of Web 3.0 technology today?

The answer to that is yes! Budweiser is now using beer glasses that are connected to Facebook. Partiers can now friend each other on Facebook, by simply tapping their drinks together. To see how, watch the below video:

My guess is that Facebook is the winner with the connected beer glasses technology. If any party goer doesn’t have a Facebook account, they are left out of the fun. This would be a great example of marketing by peer pressure, which has always been an extremely effective method of luring new customers.

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