We are one of the fortunate companies participating in one of the biggest I.T Conferences in the world!

Al Osman

Al Osman (Software Engineer)

We are excited and looking forward to have one of our Senior Software Developers, Al Osman to keep us posted on all the excitement news happening in the next few days of the Google IO 2013, May 15-17.

As our Marketing Analyst,  Ilyas already gave us a preview glimpse on a previous blog Google’s IO Conference, we find that there are many first-hand opportunities given to the developers attending this Conference. From all around the world, only 6000 developers/students have been given this special invitation to be hosted by Google. Google reported that tickets were sold out in less than 49 minutes. However, Google has proposed a potential live steam on YouTube or another social media platform. Furthermore, a list of the sessions of I/O 2013 is provided on  Click here

Stay tuned with Mao|Marketing on these continuous blog updates. Share with us your thoughts about this exciting Conference.


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