Beacon is a small module that transmits data to your smart phones.  It detects ‘smart’ devices nearby and automatically sends pre-programmed data to your phones or tablets.  This Beacon technology can be used for many purposes. However, the objective for this module is mainly for Marketing.

The beacon module connects to your smart devices, mines data about you in real time to find out your browsing habits and promotes products you’ll likely buy.

Now, is this something good for the consumers and businesses?  Beacon-signal

Perhaps businesses may benefit a lot from this technology. However, there are mixed opinions about the way consumers will respond to this technology. There are many individuals that may not feel comfortable at the fact that their browsing habits are being monitored and as a result, bombarded with all kinds of advertisements. On the other hand, this type of information technology may prove very beneficial and convenient for consumers who are notified through Beacon Technology that Shoppers Drug Mart has 50% off sale while walking by the store.

What do YOU think?