For years the idea of “marketing your company” has been channeled via the outbound approach; Companies would “rent” or “buy” attention through flyers, cold-calling, spam, telemarketing and other annoying means of traditional advertising.

If you’re still roaming amongst the non-evolving traditionalists, you need to re-think your marketing playbook. We live in a completely different era of low-attention spans, easily annoyed customers, and therefore we need to match the way consumers shop and relate today.

The Solution.

The solution, inbound marketing, is actually quite simpler and more efficient than you’d think. Inbound marketing is about magnetizing and attracting your customers rather than running after them. If you want to capture that mouse in your garage, you don’t get on all fours and start looking for it. No, you bring the sticky mouse-trap, put some cheese on it—maybe some gravy, and you will surely see that little rodent the next morning…STUCK. Likewise inbound marketing is about turning your website, Facebook, and Twitter pages into modern magnets.

Cool, how is this done?

Build and lure upon your website rich and informative content—Content Marketing. This  content marketing can be presented in a variety of formats: Blogs, news, videos, info-graphics, webinars, e-books and etc. This distribution of relevant and valuable “content” will attract then engage your target audiences and before you know it, they will have spent an hour on your website without you having spent a dollar on any advertising. Smart, simple and efficient!