Many consumers tend to fast-forward passed the hundreds of advertising presented on their path daily. However those same consumers are happy spectators when it comes to entertainment such as a nice show, a game, a challenge and etc.

So what’s the catch?

Smart businesses nowadays use techniques that blur the distinction between advertising from entertainment, therefore generating this forced exposure to advertising. Call it consumer manipulation but it definitely works! With the hundreds of advertising exposed to consumers everyday, businesses need to come up with unique and entertaining ways to present their products or services.

Take this recent Nike commercial for example. Everyone loves a game of soccer. But what about a quick 4-minute game between the world’s best? Elite players such as Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Hazard, Rooney and others play a comedic match while advertising Nike Products through their shoes, hats, jerseys and sweaters. Nike even threw in other stars such as Kobe Bryant, and elite UFC fighters Anderson Silva and Jon Jones to add a little spice to their narrative. This 4-minute commercial (that you can’t help but to watch twice) generated a whopping 102, 692, 211 views! Now that’s slick!

Think smart, think entertainment, and you’ll be sure to grab your consumer’s attention.