It’s absolutely fascinating to see the constant evolution and fusion of completely different markets working together for the sake of progression. From the likes of rapper 50 Cent’s partnership with Vitamin Water, to BMO’s affiliation to Diners Club, we are witnessing a new chapter in the way we do business.

This year’s 6th annual Google I/O Conference featured highly technical sessions which showcased the likes of Mercedes-Benz and its latest integration with Google’s services. Yesterday, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated the new ‘Drive Kit Plus’, a complex interface built in the vehicle that integrates itself with a unique app from a smartphone.

Powered by Google, the Drive Kit Plus provides you with information on real-time traffic, points of interest, and street-views. If you want to check your Facebook or twitter then no worries; the App reads aloud tweets and updates from your social networks.

Thanks to the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Google, the Drive Kit Plus is available in all Mercedes-Benz model series. Google’s integration is a result of close cooperation with developers from both sides. ‘Radar View’, a new intriguing feature on the Mercedes-Benz app relies on Google data to find locations of restaurants, parks, or clubs in any city.

Round of applause for Google…

It’s just so entertaining to witness the innovative drive by Mercedes-Benz; by incorporating Google products and services directly in their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz, with its already golden reputation, is able to further accelerate their continuous adoption of cutting-edge technology.

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