Is it too late for Samsung to tap into Music streaming services?

Samsung has recently launched its new music service called “Milk Music”. Milk Music? What’s up with this name? What is the connection of “Milk” with music streaming services?  I personally think that this name is unique, simple and stays in your memory (Marketing Psychology). Maybe it means – as used in our daily phrases, “I’m going to milk it”.

We know that there are too many music streaming services out there such as Itunes, Spotify, Pandora and many other third party music streaming softwares. It appears like Samusung thinks they can still penetrate into this Market. But how come Samsung has not learned from their first music service-Music Hub (launched in 2012) which many people still don’t know about? Do they have a new marketing strategy for this new “Milk Music”?


Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer and their phones are widely popular in the east. With their new music service, Milk Music (which may come pre-installed on new Samsung phones and tablets) may give the users the flexibility to give it a try. Samsung has also announced this service to be an Advert free for a limited time – which may attract a large number of users.

I am still sceptical about its adaptation. What do you think? Are you going to try Milk Music to milk it?

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