Usually, Google is not known for hardware products other than the Google Nexus phone series. However, that perception is about to change as Google recently announced their first laptop, the Google Pixel. As promised, we will be posting special news straight from the Google I/O conference this week.

What is it?

The Google Pixel will be a cloud-based laptop, which possesses apps made especially for the computer. The sleek, thin, simple laptop looks very attractive from the outside with its glory 2560 x 1700 resolution, which is better than Macbook Pro’s Retina Display.  This laptop has 239 pixels per inch, and also a multi-touch display screen. It seems the Pixel is quite impressive with all these features. However, the Pixel is very limited when it comes to its capabilities. It seems like you can only read/send emails, browse, play games, and view static websites. With these aforementioned features, is it really worth spending $1300 on Google’s first ever laptop?

And here comes the exciting news!! Our Software Developer, Al Osman, has informed us about free Google Pixel giveaways at the event. Mao|Marketing gets one!!