Starting with the ATM, money has been making it’s slow transition from physical to digital for the last 40 years. With the introduction of online banking and debit card machines at checkouts, it became possible to get through your week without even touching cash.

Now, thanks to mobile computing, an extra layer of abstraction has been added to money. PayPal has found a way to allow consumers to pay at a checkout using any mobile phone equipped with bluetooth 4.0 technology. The benefit being, the user doesn’t have to swipe their phone, or have to pay for a mobile data plan, as is required with competing technologies.


To learn more on what PayPal will be offering, click the below link:


To see how far we’ve advanced throughout the years, watch the below news clip from 1969   Note: The date listed in the above video is incorrect. After some research, I found that the video was recorded in 1969