Multi-level marketing, sometimes referred to as “network marketing”, may not always be as “evil” and unproductive as some may think. A business venture in which you have more control over your destiny, almost like that “wild wild west” type of environment.

Although we may call it a pyramid scheme,  we have to admit that there has been hundreds if not thousands of millionaires generated from this style business venture. It stimulates confidence and competitiveness in people you would never expect these qualities from. People involved in multi-level marketing will talk to almost anyone who crosses their path whether they may be a server at a restaurant, a bus driver or that policeman across the street bored out of his mind!

Does it make money or not?

Recruiting, recruiting and more RECRUITING! We have to understand that with this business venture you do not make money actually selling that product or service at hand. Rather your job is to recruit. Basically you make more money getting people on your team,  who get people on your team, who get more people on your TEAM. You’re essentially hiring and training a very high turnover sales-force. And so during those long recruitment meetings, when one of the leads gets up and claims he made 100,000 dollars last year, you best believe he has a solid team of at least 50 completely devoted recruits working under him, helping him make that money.

So that’s the lowdown on multi-level marketing. Yeah sure you might call me “anti multi-level”, but i’m just calling it as it is, and sometimes it’s just a bunch of hyped up nonsense. It is most definitely a recruiting business, but is it legitimate? Have people made millions from it? Yes. But to see every living, breathing person or animal as a potential recruit is rather annoying. Don’t you think?